What sunglasses does Bond wear in Spectre?

Bond Spectre Sunglasses

Daniel Craig’s role as James Bond in Spectre is a much talked about one. The role was discussed as much as Daniel Craig’s looks. The sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre are particularly big hits for Spectre fans. They are super slick, enhance his look and completely in tune with the dashing James Bond personality.

The sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre positively accentuate his features, and at the same time, lends an attractive intensity to the character. The result is that you have the dashing Daniel Craig looking drop dead gorgeous in this avatar.

Bond Spectre Sunglasses

1. Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer FT0248

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This Tom Ford Henry vintage wayfarer is an iconic pair of sunglasses. The silver T at the rims sit proudly reflecting the class and candor it embodies. It features prominently in the film’s trailer and promotional. Even in the theme song of the film, Bond wears these sunglasses.

But that’s not all. You see Daniel Craig wearing them again at the Morocco scene in the movie, Spectre. Every instance that Bond wears this pair in the film, it has been associated with great screen presence and high drama in the overall depiction of intensity.

Needless to mention, the sunglasses bond wears in Spectre has created a sense of charm, intrigue, and intensity. It has not just portrayed a strong business-like professionalism but has also brought to life the non-nonsense appeal and the sharp spy-like acumen. It will not be wrong to say that these sunglasses acted as the perfect alibi for the whole film. It is a depiction of the focused and the strong-willed Bond that these Wayfarers master entirely. Craig in those Tom Ford Henry vintage wayfarer looks every bit the born winner who does not compromise his integrity at any cost.

2. Tom Ford Snowdon FT0237

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But that’s not the only Tom Ford Bond sunglasses in the entire film, Spectre. Bond is also sporting the Tom Ford Snowdon FT0273. In the Rome Funeral scene, he sports the Havana 52N color. Though there is some debate about the actual color he wears. Some Tom Ford boutiques have maintained that the Black 05B is used for the film. But behind the scene, notes indicate otherwise. That document is what seals the overall color specifications to Havana 52N.

According to the Christie’s Auction, Tom wears size 50 of the Tom Ford Snowdon during the film, Spectre. The red Havana color is not so distinct in the initial promos. But on the whole, the sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre creates a striking hot depiction of the smoldering and poised James Bond.

The Tom Ford sunglasses are all about creating a stunning impact at the first look. The sunglasses is an essential accessory, and it highlights the Bond personality in the best possible manner. It suits the face type and highlight’s Craig Daniel’s best features. It, in fact, creates a distinct kind of understated class in the whole get-up. It also creates attractive focal points on his face and introduces definitive features.

3. Vuarnet Aviator Sunglasses

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For this French luxury brand, their revival was as much of a priority as was creating the impeccable Bond brand for the Spectre director. Bond wore this vintage sunglass while standing on top of the Austrian Alps. Worth around $600 a piece, this sunglass is considered one of the best in this genre.

It is ideal for skiing, hiking, skydiving and all other adventure sports. Needless to mention, it also becomes the most stylish accessory for an action scene as a result. The leather cord attached to it and the shields attached are all detachable. Once you are not in the adventure mode, you can easily transform this pair into a cool looking aviator. This is perhaps one of the most indispensable elements on your fashion wardrobe if you are keen on increasing the cool quotient.

This is one of those iconic sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre that can transform your looks. I am sure the picture of James Bond in the Vuarnet Aviator coupled with the Tom Ford leather jacket against the powerful white background is etched on your mind forever. With these pair of vintage sunglasses, you can also hope to give a lift to your personality.

Vuarnet Vintage Collection


Most of the Spectre Wardrobe is iconic. Almost every element from the jackets to the sunglasses that Bond wore is part of the exhibits. Selected products have been put on auction as well. So if you want your pick of the phenomenal Bond legacy, you can easily buy these. Your style quotient too gets a great fillip with the sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre.


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