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28 May: What sunglasses do they wear in Lone Survivor?

The Lone Survivor is a movie based on the 2005 failed US navy mission, ‘Operation Red Wing’. Four members of the Seal team were dispatched to capture Ahmad Shah, a Taliban Leader. Finally, only one member of the team survived the mission. It is understandable that when you are filming some real-life inspirations, the make-up and the look has to be as close to the reality as possible. In this context, even the sunglasses have to be as close to the real look as possible. They have to reflect the naval get-up in its full glory. So there was quite a bit of curiosity about what sunglasses do they wear…

What sunglasses do they wear in Entourage?

25 May: What sunglasses do they wear in Entourage?

The boys on the HBO hit series; Entourage never fails to wow their fans. Entourage TV series high on drama and action also comes packed with a large dose of style and spunk. Whether you are looking at the poster, trailer or an episode, it is hard to miss the sunglasses that Vince and his boys Eric, Turtle, Drama and Ari sport. The question is what sunglasses do they wear in Entourage? These shades or sunglasses are not just some of the coolest styles, but they also feature the most iconic names in the world of sunglasses makers. Let’s take a look at the various characters and what sunglasses they…


22 May: What sunglasses does Bond wear in Spectre?

Bond Spectre Sunglasses Daniel Craig’s role as James Bond in Spectre is a much talked about one. The role was discussed as much as Daniel Craig’s looks. The sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre are particularly big hits for Spectre fans. They are super slick, enhance his look and completely in tune with the dashing James Bond personality. The sunglasses Bond wears in Spectre positively accentuate his features, and at the same time, lends an attractive intensity to the character. The result is that you have the dashing Daniel Craig looking drop dead gorgeous in this avatar. Bond Spectre Sunglasses 1. Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer FT0248 This Tom Ford…