Is it weird to wear sunglasses indoors?

Sunglasses are an important accessory but wearing them indoors is almost always scoffed at. In many ways, they are a manifestation of your fashion consciousness. But on an average, you are always supposed to remove your hat and glares. It is considered to be polite.

But apart from manners, it is also healthy for the eyes. The primary purpose of a sunglass is to protect your eyes from the bright glare of the sun and the harmful UV rays. Both of that is not required while you are indoors. So per se, there is no purpose.

Yet routinely, you will notice stars wearing sunglasses indoors. They attend major events wearing them. But chances are unless you are a Jack Nicholson or a Bob Dylan, society will come down on you quite harshly on you. Almost always people are extremely judgmental about those who are wearing these indoors.

Hiding Eye Problems or Deformities

One of the cardinal reasons why celebrities wear sunglasses indoors is to mostly hide any potential eye deformity. Maybe their eyes are bloodshot or they want to avoid eye contact. Often people also want to hide their face and eyes with large glasses. This is primarily to hide a black eye or any other type of eye disorder.

Certain people are also more sensitive to light, or they may have conditions like Glaucoma. In this case, the glare of the light can harm the retina, and it is best to put on glares. Even types of cataract operations can need a few weeks of sunglass indoors.

Sometimes certain tropical infection like conjunctivitis may also necessitate sunglasses indoors. This helps protect the eyes and at the same time offer a shield. You don’t want to intimidate people with how you look.

But normally eye problems are only temporary. On an average, they will not last more than a few weeks.

Creating A Wall

Other than that and if you are not a celebrity, it seems quite weird when you wear sunglasses indoors. Often it creates an unnecessary divide with the others present in the room. You may stand out as a result of the sunglasses. But it does not necessarily mean that you cast a good impression.

People, in general, distance themselves from those wearing sunglasses indoors. The lack of eye contact often prevents them from forging long-term connects. Most interactions remain only formal and superficial. It is generally difficult to strike a long conversation with anyone in sunglasses.


Therefore, wearing sunglasses indoor can be rather weird. Unless you are endorsing a specific brand or suffering from a typical eye condition, it is best to avoid sunglasses inside a room. Like old-time politeness dictates, sunglasses and hats need to be removed when you step in.