What sunglasses do they wear in Lone Survivor?

The Lone Survivor is a movie based on the 2005 failed US navy mission, ‘Operation Red Wing’. Four members of the Seal team were dispatched to capture Ahmad Shah, a Taliban Leader. Finally, only one member of the team survived the mission. It is understandable that when you are filming some real-life inspirations, the make-up and the look has to be as close to the reality as possible. In this context, even the sunglasses have to be as close to the real look as possible. They have to reflect the naval get-up in its full glory. So there was quite a bit of curiosity about what sunglasses do they wear in Lone Survivor?

1. Gatorz sunglasses

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Perhaps that is the reason that Gatorz sunglasses, both Military and motorcycle variants were used extensively in this movie. The idea is to create that hardened military look. Undeniably some of the company’s most stylish offerings fit the bill completely in this aspect.

They are sporty, on trend with the latest accessory styles and highlight the key components of the look in the best possible way. They have scratch-resistant lenses which are also distortion free. These are also shatter-resistant, one of the key necessities while commandos are amidst conflict situation on the battlefield.

The Gatorz Magnum Black frame with its trademark Black logo and standard grey lenses is one of the most prominent sunglasses do they wear in Lone Survivor. There are also a few other models that are used, but this one made the maximum impact in the entire movie. It gave the characters a typical air of subtle glamour and understated class. In fact, many of the characters, like Mark Wahlberg continues the trend well past the movies also. He has been spotted wearing these sporty avatars across a gamut of occasions and events.

In many ways, the sunglasses they wore in Lone Survivor made a strong statement. You have a whole range of Mark Wahlberg inspired sunglasses doing the rounds. They are conventional sporty ones by the company. However, these also come with the subtle alteration that adds a brand-new dimension to the overall look. It is an ideal mix of style and functionality.

These sunglasses are typically manufactured using the 7075 Aircraft Aluminum. The shatter-free polycarbonate lenses provide quality protection to the eyes. The inbuilt adjustability points enable custom fit for any user interested in wearing these. The safety rating on these US-made sunglasses assures the user of ultimate quality and great security.

Gatorz is traditionally a combat duty speciality, but this eyewear brand is also popular amongst those who are regular bikers and skydivers too. The aircraft aluminum makes sure that the fitting is perfect. It stops the air from blowing across the face. This goes a long way in helping provide decidedly better security for the users. The customized fit too adds another interesting dimension to the entire brand.


2. ESS CDI Sunglasses

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Another common brand that is mentioned when you look for what sunglasses do they wear in Lone Survivor, is ESS.

The ESS sunglasses feature quite prominently in the movie, Lone Survivor. Be it the ‘high impact polarized eye pro’ or the ‘cross series’, the movie has showcased some of the best and most sporty offerings from ESS. These are not only gorgeous in their looks but extremely functional as well.

ESS has long been known for delivering value-based offerings for users in a conflict situation. From superior eye protection to better visual experience in touch situation, ESS has a distinct mastery of both the sciences and art of quality sunglasses manufacturing. It has the most reliable collection of premium grade offerings that are invariably a unique mix of both protection and passion. These are undeniably one of the toughest eye wear in the world.

When Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell or Ben Foster as Matt Axelson sported these in Lone Survivor, it surely added more credence to it. Even Eric Bana as Lt. Cmdr. Erik S. Kristensen and Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz are seen wearing ESS eyewear.

The ESS innovation drive is an outcome of a series of meaningful exchanges with the warriors. That has made the manufacture acutely aware of the challenges in hand. This has decidedly helped introduce some distinct solutions that work effectively in a hostile situation. In fact, it is one of the few authorized eyewear providers for US marine officers till date.



When you are depicting Navy Seals in a tough conflict situation, the eyewear plays a crucial role. An appropriate depiction goes on to add more drama and intensifies the overall impact of the film. Needless to mention, what sunglasses do they wear in Lone Survivor is also under public scrutiny. The movie was instrumental in convincing many youngsters to choose same eyewear like ESS and Gatorz. Ultimately it is about consistent quality and track record of credibility. It highlights performance with a dose of attitude.