Sunglasses Meghan Markle wears

Meghan Markle is decidedly one of the most talked about personalities in recent times. The Meghan Markle sunglasses, the brands she endorses and the products she prefers are all under public scrutiny. After all, she has made quite a few public appearances with UK’s Prince Harry in the recent past. So it is quite obvious that the spotlight is right on her.

The fans, as well as the observers, are keen about the specifics. This American actress acting in the popular drama series, Suits was also the most searched actresses on Google in 2016. Her relationship with Prince Harry surely made her more popular than ever. No wonder, her styling sense, and popularity became the talk of the town.

So it is understandable that there was a lot of attention on Meghan Markle’s eyewear too. The moment fans got to know what sunglasses does Meghan Markle wear, it became an instant rage. The paparazzi cover every minute detail of her personal styling quotient. Fans from across the world want to copy the style and go for the same brand. The fashion world is pretty much swept by the Meghan storm. Just like the dresses she wears, or chooses, the sunglasses that she picked up are high in demand.

1. Ray Ban Aviators

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Ray-Ban “Original Aviator” Sunglasses in Gold

This is perhaps one of the most timeless sunglasses styles. Be it men or women, retro or contemporary; this is one evergreen sunglasses style that suits people of age, race and community.

This classic is never out of style, and it practically suits every face type imaginable. What makes the deal sweeter is that it suits different styles of dressing too from formal to casual. When Meghan Markle’s photos wearing these aviators appeared on social media, they took the fashion world by storm. Suddenly this age-old classic from Ray-Ban began occupying a plum position in the fashion world once again. You almost saw a kind of revival in the global fashion strategies.

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2. Finlay & Co Percy Sunglasses

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Meghan Markle’s public appearances along with Prince Harry at the Invictus games in Toronto are most talked after. It is therefore obvious that along with her ensemble, the sunglasses too we discussed expansively. Every observer was keen to know what sunglasses does Meghan Markle wear.

Markle was seen wearing Finlay & Co Percy sunglasses. This Percy sunglass in light Tortoise frame and grey lenses perfectly complimented her carefully casual look. The white shirt, the blue jeans is another all-time classic. This sunglass was a perfect fit along with the pairing.

What made Meghan’s pair of Percy sunglasses particularly special is that they have MM engraved on one side of the sunglass arm. In fact, this is a Percy specialty. Almost every available model has this feature. Just like Meghan’s sunglasses, you can have yours engraved with your initials too.

This round shaped Percy sunglass that Meghan is working is worth mentioning because of its versatile design too. It kind of sits pretty on a wide gamut of facial shapes. The keyhole nose bridge makes it work wonders even on smaller size faces as well.

Needless to mention, Percy has benefited significantly from this association. The sales have spiked up significantly, and the demand for Meghan Markle sunglasses are on the rise. Almost every petite face around the world now wants to own their very own tortoise-rimmed grey beauties. They don’t just create a deep impression but also turn out to be extremely versatile and functional.

These sunglasses are specially designed and handcrafted in Italy at the behest of Percy. They have drawn inspiration from the 1950s style. Apart from the styling advantage these sunglasses also have 100% UV protection. These are made from quality Mazzucchelli acetate. The finish clearly highlights the superior craftsmanship. Moreover, it improves the key functionality of this fashion accessory.

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Markle has also been spotted in the unique cat eye sunglasses in 2017. Whether you look at it as a workwear inspiration or a functional solution to wardrobe challenges, the bottom line is she looked great. The fans as a result again made a beeline for this specific make and style of sunglasses across the world.

Given the power of social media, circulation of photos and the time required for a content to become viral takes just a few minutes. These sunglasses added to Markle’s look and clearly complimented her effortless and chic. Though there is no specific mention of a brand, it is perhaps a Dolce Gabanna Tortoise Brown that did the trick. So no more secret about what sunglasses does Meghan Markle wear.

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Meghan Markle will make news whatever she wears. Given her association with Prince Harry, the people watch her every move. Obviously there are posts about what sunglasses does Meghan Markle wear.We just decided to track the sunglasses to bring in the power of understated chic and classic to your living room. She is undeniably one of the most searched women on Google, and you can surely add glamour to your wardrobe using her style options.


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