Oscars 2018 Sunglasses: What Sunglasses did celebrities wear?

Sunglasses have been a star’s best friend at many social events. From allowing them to lift their style quotient to creating a more comprehensive look, sunglasses serve a lot of purposes. The Oscar 2018 red carpet was no different. Eyewear was one of the highlights of this year’s fashion trend that emerged. The Twitter was full of praise for actors like Meryl Streep and Rita Moreno who dared to showcase their glasses and even made a statement with how gracefully they carried the glasses. In our article we’ll take a more detailed look at the Oscars 2018 Sunglasses.

But on the same platform, a sunglass is associated with more of eccentric ensembles that you saw on the red carpet. Traditionally, the sunglasses are not something that you will accessorize with the designer outfits at the Oscar red carpet.

But then again, this is the Oscars. Almost anything can happen, and every new fashion statement is worth a note. Whether they feature in the list of the best dressed or the worst dressed, you cannot ignore the sunglass look. It can well be said that the sunglass created a center of attention of its own. The cameras suddenly shifted focus from the brilliantly tailored dresses and suits to the eye-catching dark beauties gracing the actors’ eyes.

Whoopi Goldberg and her dark sunglasses

Oscars 2018 Sunglasses: What Sunglasses did celebrities wear?

If you thought Whoopi Goldberg flaunted an outre’ look, then this is not the first time that she did it. The actor is known for her radical dressing. From wild footwear to interesting eyewear, there is never a dull moment with her around. For the 2018 Oscars red carpet, she wore a Christian Siriano gown. She complimented this off-shoulder gown with dangling earrings and a pair of black full-rimmed sunglasses. Never the type who sticks to fashion dictat, her black sunglasses sure added a naughty touch to the overall styling.

But sunglasses on the red carpet are nothing new. Almost every year at the Oscars, you have some or other star flaunting their sunglasses. They either add to the intense look or enhance the eccentric quotient. One way or the other, they make the stars wearing it stand out.

In this case, the one that Goldberg is wearing is designed more like a full-rimmed Wayfarer style. The intense black colored glasses with the light printed rims make for a contrast effect.

Shane Vieau Wears Sunglasses With Sneakers

Oscars 2018 Sunglasses: What Sunglasses did celebrities wear?

This Canadian Oscar winner was the start of Twitter chats. But it was not just for the laurels that he won at the Academy Awards, but also for the unconventional look that he sported there. He won the Oscar along with his colleagues Paul Austerberry and Jeffrey A. Melvin for best production design for the film, ‘The Shape of Water.’ But the followers on Twitter loved what he wore to the mega event. He complimented his half sleeved tuxedo jacket with Adidas sneakers and indoor sunglasses.

The indoor sunglasses that he is sporting created a definitive and unique image for this production designer. Needless to mention, it brought an uber chic element to the otherwise mundane styling. The right type of pairing helped his dressing sense to stand out, and it also went on to create a look that people loved.

Many who followed his styling, even referred to him as one of the fashion icon at the Oscars red carpet in 2018. The thin rims and the light colored glasses also gave a soft look to his overall get-up.

In short, this is a kind of fashion statement where a sunglass can enhance your overall look.

Agnes Varda with her light brown thin-rimmed glasses

Oscars 2018 Sunglasses: What Sunglasses did celebrities wear?

She might be the oldest nominee at the 2018 Oscars red carpet, but that is hardly a reason to dress down. This 89-year-old French director made heads turn at the red carpet with her floral ensemble and the light brown, thin-rimmed sunglasses.

As someone on the Twitter mentioned, she could well be the coolest queen of the red carpet at the 2018 Academy Awards. The shape of the eyewear and the floral prints complimented her overall attitude. The overall grace and confidence with which she wore the outfit enhanced the overall oomph factor.

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Conclusion to Oscars 2018 Sunglasses trends

Therefore a quick rundown of the celebrity looks at the 2018 red carpet reiterates that fact that fashion is very personal. While there are rules and ways to dress up and dress down, a lot depends on your personality. Your personal charm and style understanding can go a long way in creating a stunning look or a sub-par get-up. What brand and where you wear a sunglass is important, but how you wear your sunglasses is what makes all the difference. Your sunglass is often a reflection of your attitude. The idea is how well you make it shine.

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