What sunglasses does Mr JWW wear?

Are you a member of the Mr JWW fan club asking the question: What sunglasses does Mr JWW wear? Mr JWW, as he is popularly known is one of the most famous YouTubers of recent time. Though barely 30 years of age, he has shot to fame on the basis of the kind of YouTube content he’s been generating and the response that it’s been garnering thus far.

Meet the Influencer: supercar vlogger Mr JWW

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1. Ray-Ban Clubmaster

In the above photo he sports a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

He belongs to the list of the modern celebrities that people from all over the world cannot get enough of. His story is almost what legends are made off. He’s been driving supercars since he was 23 years old. He blew up the deposit on the first car to buy his Audi R8, and he has never regretted that decision.

It won’t be wrong to say that his love for cars is what helped him achieve celebrityhood. Therefore it’s needless to mention that fans want to know everything about him. From his favorite cars to his favorite sunglasses.

But for someone who loves adventure this much, you don’t see him wearing sunglasses that often. That’s the most interesting bit.
But when he wears them, the question is

What sunglasses does Mr JWW wear?

2. Thom Browne TB-808

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There is a distinct trend that’s visible. He, after all, loves adventures and drives supercars. Therefore his convenience and comfort is the most primary concern. At the same time, the fashion quotient is also important. It has to be something that is stylish, unique and suits his overall personality.

Are you wondering what other type or brands he endorses? This new age car aficionado goes for the age-old, timeless classics of all time.

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3. Aviators

Though there is no distinct mention of his chosen brand of sunglasses anywhere, most photos that are posted online undeniably suggest that he is wearing aviators. That choice does not surprise us at all. For generations now the aviators are one of the most trusted and worn sunglass variants. They are stylish and exude a sense of umber cool and understated class. Just about anyone can wear them and look stylish and business-like at the same time. They have a sense of professionalism and look good in the most extreme situations.

Whether you’re wearing aviators in casual or formal gathering, you will always manage to look good. Moreover, given the range and options now available, you have one variant for every opportunity. From the most casual outings to very professional ones, there is never any dearth of options. Almost every major sunglass brand now has their own line of aviators. This is primarily because of the huge demand this particular style generates across the world, in every nook and corner. The idea is to look cool, but stylish and casual at the same time. The effortless class it generates always wins attention and eyeballs.

What sunglasses does Mr JWW wear? - Image result for Mr JWW wears sunglasses

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The other great advantage of the aviators is that they sit pretty on almost every type of face. Whether you have a square, round or a heart-shaped face, it will look great. Though different sunglasses look good on different face types, this is one style that somehow gels with every kind of face and feature. So irrespective of how you look, you can look stylish wearing these sunglasses at all times. They will always emanate a sense of understated charm.

The Ray-Ban Aviators need a particular mention at this juncture. They are undeniably the most famous makes of the Aviators brand. From gold-rimmed frames to silver frames, to polarized UV lenses to photochromic lenses, the range of options is practically mindboggling. In short, if you choose a Ray-Ban aviator like Mr JWW is seen wearing in most of the photos, you will surely win admiration and attention. It is hard to escape the char and pull off a Ray-Ban Aviator, whatever the occasion might be. It is always stylish, in trend and an absolute winner at all places and occasion. There is no doubt then what sunglasses does Mr JWW wear.


Therefore, if you are moved by this YouTube superstar and his sense of style, and keen to get pair of the sunglasses as what pair Mr JWW wears, you can go get your pair of aviators today. They are comfortable, convenient and almost always makes you look super cool. What is particularly interesting is that they undeniably make both men and women look good.

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